The Princesses

Benvenguda and welcome to the land of Occitania! Step into the Occitan princesses mystifying world of marvels, melodiousness and metamorphoses.

  By thieves, cut-purses and villains the princesses Harpyagundis Pandebla of Occitania and Drachildis Bubinga of Occitania were abducted from the court of their royal father, the king of Occitania and carried off to strange lands.
A lucky twist of fate allowed them to free themselves and they are now on their way back to the court of their royal father.


On their wanderings they picked up many a merry tune. For your pleasure they sound bagpipe and drums, flutes, mandola and dulcimer and raise their lovely voices in harmonious song. They bring you many an unheard-of pastime that the brave among the folk may take part in.

Step closer! Watch, listen and be amazed!

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