The Spectacle
  Okzitanis brings to you pieces from the codices of our royal father's library as well as the sweetest songs of our most renown troubadours. We play for you wild dances and enchanting songs we came to know on our many journeys far and wide.
For your pleasure we sound the bagpipe, drums and flutes, the strings and our lovely voices. So you may dance and make merry or let the music entice you and carry you off to countries far away - each, as is their pleasure.
Hear ye & see ye
  Songs and instrumental pieces
    Morena me llaman     (anonymous, sephardic)  I  mp3  I  1,54 MB
  Der sprechende Karpfen     (Okzitanis)  I  mp3  I  1,66 MB
  Al Andaluz     (Okzitanis)  I  mp3  I  2,07 MB
  Ai Vist lo Lop     (anonymous, Occitania)  I  mp3  I 1,45 MB
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Un soir à Sète   Tourdion   Hija mia   Tri martolod
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